About Mahmoud Fadli

Throughout his young career, attorney Mahmoud Fadli has gained significant professional experience in the legal sector, serving various law offices throughout the state of California. Prior to earning his juris doctor from the Santa Clara University School of Law, Mahmoud Fadli served as an intern at the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and California Rural Legal Assistance. After earning his law degree, he served several practices, including Ellahie & Farooquie, LLP, and a leading private firm in Mountain View, California.

Presently, Mahmoud Fadli serves as a litigation associate, and is extensively involved in cases involving breach of contract, trade secret, zoning, employment, trademarks, and small claims disputes. As a litigation associate, his responsibilities include drafting pleadings in both Federal and State courts, making court appearances for civil and criminal cases, interviewing witnesses, and negotiating settlements. A knowledgable professional in his field, he recently appeared on a local television show, “Law Talk,” where he was asked to discuss a variety of issues, including the Lacey Act.

Mahmoud Fadli is a member of the California State Bar. In his free time, he enjoys aviation and learning new languages.


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